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Shakeout Drill, 10/22/16

This is what we train for!  What will you do when the you know what hits the fan?  READ CAREFULLY, ALL PLEASE–AGAIN!

2016 ShakeOut Exercise 10/22/16

On Sat., 10/22 we want to START the exercise at 0900 with members showing up at their assigned areas.  The Trucks will be there by 0900.

At 0830, please pretend that an earthquake has occurred, and you take care of yourself, family and the neighbors.  If we have your cell phone on file, you should get a Nixile alert from Bob Heitz, our Emergency Communications Director.  If not, self deploy with your Backpacks (PPE) and go to the meeting places.  BE PATIENT!  IT WILL TAKE TIME TO SET UP COMMAND AND COMMUNICATIONS.

The Activation Plan is on the website for you to download, as well as the locations of your respective areas.  If you have questions, please let me know.  It’s under “Documents”.

ON Tuesday, 10/18 at Station #1 in the rear, from Noon to 4 PM, we will be sorting all of the vehicles, testing equipment and readying all for the shakeout.  Generators, Lights, Radios, etc will all be tested.

THIS EXERCISE WILL GO ON WHETHER 1 OR 100 SHOW UP FOR IT.  I’m hoping that it’s on the higher side.

Your BOD can’t do it all, as all that we ask is that from time to time you participate and continue to learn from us and keep sharp.  The City will be working to assist as well, and their eyes will be upon us.

This is a learning exercise.  We are not expected to everything right, but we are to learn from it.




Thanks,George G. Butts
Vice President
Manhattan Beach C.E.R.T. Assoc.
400 15th Street, Drop Box #1
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266