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MB CERT Happenings, Be Part of the Specialized CallOut Team

Dear CERT Members,
Many of you attended the Southern California Edison presentation held in the MBFD Community Room in mid-September.  We would like to make you aware of a volunteer opportunity we have to help the City of Manhattan Beach.
 Over the years, there have been several instances where high winds have damaged electrical wires in the City.  The FD is called out to handle downed wires and make sure no one is hurt.  When this involves more than a couple of locations, manpower constraints can make their response very difficult to manage.  In conjunction with the FD, we would like to set-up on official sub-set of CERT to help the FD when this happens.
 We envisage it working like this:  If the FD needs our help, they send out a message on Nixle with pertinent details to those CERT members who have offered to be part of this team.  You would make your way to the scene in full CERT gear with backpack and be briefed by the FD.  They will create a “cheat sheet/document” that will be in each engine for distribution to all to remind everyone of electrical hazards.  And, they will set up cones around each hazard area.  Two-person teams will be sent to the locations in question (if there is more than 1).  Your job will be to ensure cars/people stay far enough away from the downed wires until Edison arrives to handle the emergency.  Rest assured that the MBFD will thoroughly brief you so you don’t feel as though you’re on your own.
Members that attended these information seminars we believe are;
Mindy Balgrosky, George Butts, Linda Butts, Marilyn Scott, Ed Somers, Christopher Richardson, Paul Williams, Scott Ninegar, Heidi Meinki, Michael Johnson, Steve Lewis, Rich Nichols, Roark Sandburg, Julie Profet, Art Herring, Gordon Dressuer, Peter Champagne, Kristy Jones, Dennis Takahashi, Ally Legare, Annette Kingman, Bob Shier, Stan Rubin, Debbie Granow, Carole Paquin, Gillian Cato, Ron Butchart, Ron Wagner’  Patricia Chiella.
If you attended one of these sessions, but are not listed, let us know.  If you DIDN’T, but want to, no worries, you may.  If you are interested in being part of this team or have any questions, please contact Mindy Balgrosky at;
Once we have everything in place, we will get in touch with you for a short briefing meeting.