Amateur Radio Training coming in January.

MBCERTA is Partnering to provice our members with Amateur Radio Training.
Will you be in touch when the BIG one arrives?
When a major disaster occurs such as an earthquake, wild fire, tsunami, or even in the aftermath of terrorism like 9/11, cell phones often fail or become overloaded. Over 800 thousand citizens are licensed to use their amateur radios and skills to help family members and provide communications for relief agencies.  What can you do to help your family, friends, and neighbors?
To learn something new?
Amateur radio operators have invented new means of radio communications. They learn and practice effective ways to communicate, whether it is just across town, to the International Space Station, bouncing signals off the moon, or chatting with people across the country. Are you interested in learning more about radios, electronics, and communications?
To help your community?
You may or may not have seen the many volunteers that help at public events like parades or races providing health and safety communication. Or seen those active in Community Emergency Response Teams who provide robust communications that work when all else fails. Are you willing to be a special, skilled volunteer?
Get Started!
A free technician license two day class will be held on Saturday, 1/7 and 1/14 in the Public Works Classroom on Bell Ave, M.B.  Unlike some types of radio services, you need an FCC license to use a ham radio.  Getting your first license is not hard. Many people pass the multiple choice FCC exam in a week of spare time study.
Reserve your spot in this free class. Email:
This class is provided as a public service by the W6HA Hughes Amateur Radio club with the intent to provide more trained communicators for emergency preparedness. In addition, ham radio is a fun hobby. It also promotes youth involvement and aids STEM understanding through the application of math, electronics, and science skills. The W6HA club is affiliated with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and supports health and safety communications
for several Southern California events, provides technical training, and prepares individuals within the community for potential emergency communication needs.
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Bring a friend, it’s open to everyone…..